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Cangnan Gain-Label Sticker Co., Ltd. is a famous supplier for paper and films label materials.

The main products are: paper include: self-adhesive paper, self-adhesive synthetic paper, self-adhesive mirror coated paper, aluminum foil self-adhesive, self-adhesive thermal paper, thermal transfer self-adhesive paper, writing paper self-adhesive materials. Thin film type (color transparent, white, matte white, satin, matte silver): environment-friendly PVC self-adhesive, PE self-adhesive film, PP film self-adhesive, PET film self-adhesive, PVC film do plastic, self-adhesive materials Pearlescent film.Special categorie
s: all kinds of removable self-adhesive, easy-shredding self-adhesive, self-adhesive film batteries, tires marked exclusive, high-temperature-specific standard, re-tear of the second floor and so on up to 200 different types of self-adhesive materials products.
Our products can meet the Europe, the United States environmental protection requirements and certification through SGS. To meet the various fields (as in the following example the area of consumer goods and industrial, etc.) the label needs: * transport supplies and logistics * food and beverage * pharmaceutical and health care * biochemical * cosmetics and industrial products Cleaning Products * * * * retail information office information needs.
The company has a number of professional and technical personnel to provide technical advice and assistance. According to the characteristics of customers suggested that the most suitable surface material, and according to different climate, sticker, and the use of different adhesives to choose the most suitable and at the end of paper, in order to ensure product safety and perfect.
Welcome customers at home and abroad telephone or e-mail contact us, we will be the most professional knowledge, the most accurate product, the quality of the highest quality products for different customers to provide the best service.

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